Beach day!

We love-a the lava! Today we got to have a beach day! 

It’s about 30 minutes from Nikki’s new place. We took a “chicken bus” “autobus pollo” for 40 cents because anyone and everything is accepted on the bus, even chickens. (I think it’s a version of the NY subway 😂) I didn’t see a chicken, but I did see a woman with a HUGE bowl of what looked like Carmel pudding with nothing to cover it. Lol! And then a taxi for I think $4 (the conversion rate confuses me still) But at the lake they have lava ash you can use as a mud mask- very good for you! This was such a fun day and I so see why my Sis wants to live here.

On the way there, we saw a funeral procession. It’s hard to tell, but it’s a bunch of people all dressed in black, and a black carriage.  Very interesting. 


We made it to Granada! 

We found Nikki’s little cute apartment and are enjoying it as we are putting away the years worth of clothes and food she brought! 

Below are pics of her cute patio and the outdoor kitchen!